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Three wick Vanilla Espresso Soy Candle

Three wick Vanilla Espresso Soy Candle

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Experience the irresistible blend of dark roasted coffee beans, creamy vanilla, and delicate sugar crystals with our Vanilla Espresso Soy Candle. Crafted with care and an unwavering commitment to quality, this candle combines the finest ingredients to create a truly indulgent and eco-friendly sensory experience.

🕯️ Eco-Friendly and Clean-Burn: Our candles are crafted using an all-natural soy wax blend, known for its eco-friendly properties. By choosing our candle, you not only indulge in luxurious fragrances but also contribute to a cleaner environment. Our sustainable wax promotes a clean burn, reducing soot and toxins in the air, and creating a healthier atmosphere for you and your loved ones.

🖐️ Hand-Mixed and Hand-Poured: Each candle is meticulously hand-mixed and hand-poured with love and attention to detail. Our artisanal approach ensures consistent quality, allowing us to create candles that deliver a truly captivating and immersive sensory experience. From the moment you light the wick, the enchanting aroma of rich coffee beans, creamy vanilla, and sweet sugar crystals will fill your space, creating an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

🔥 Good Candle Burning Practices: To make the most of your candle and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, we recommend following these tips:

1️⃣ Never leave lit candles unattended: Safety is our top priority, so always remember to extinguish your candles before leaving the room or going to bed.

2️⃣ Place candles in a safe location: Keep your candles out of the reach of children and pets, and make sure they are positioned on a stable and heat-resistant surface to prevent accidents.

3️⃣ Burn for 2-4 hours at a time: For an optimal burn experience and to prevent tunneling, allow the wax edges to melt and reach the edge of the container before extinguishing the flame. This will ensure an even burn and maximize the fragrance throw.

With its large jar, our Vanilla Espresso Soy Candle offers an impressive burn time of approximately 80 hours, allowing you to savor the delightful aroma for extended periods of relaxation and enjoyment.

Indulge in the luxurious scents of dark roasted coffee, velvety vanilla cream, and sweet sugar crystals with our Vanilla Espresso Soy Candle. Experience the perfect balance of indulgence and eco-friendly luxury.

20oz reusable glass jar

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Jul W
Vanilla Espresso candle

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this candle!!! I bought it to surprise my mom and wanted to keep it :) I’ll be shopping again soon for myself!!! :)